Be a Friend with FFXIV and Earn Gil

  • Square Enix reiterated its plan to release it as final fantasy 7 remake as the title of the episode. 

    I have a lot of FFXIV player friends. During Sony's latest status broadcast, the publisher revealed for the first time in three years a new remake of Final Fantasy 7, raising questions about the ambitious Playstation 4 game release.

    In its Japanese press release (thanks to silicon era), square Enix stressed that "remake of Final Fantasy 7" would be divided into different parts, rather than sold all at once on Playstation 1.

    The video released yesterday shows action in and around midga, in the context of the opening of the 1997 Japanese role play epic. It shows familiar scenes and character actions from the early days of the game, including the avalanche attack on the Shinra Mako reactor and cloud falling into the slums.

    We also see Aeris providing a flower for cloud. In the original version, players could choose whether to buy a flower from "flower girl", later revealed that it was Ellis. This decision will affect the dating system, which will play later in the game.

    Finally, we see the protagonist of Final Fantasy 7, Sephiroth, facing cloud. It is speculated that the first episode of "Final Fantasy 7 remake" will appear in the initial Midgar part of the game, and the subsequent episodes will continue the story beyond the famous video game city.

    I think the only way to get rid of RMT is to make the FFXIV Gil enterprise unprofitable. This means se can't wait and wait for reports until they collect enough stock to avoid volatility. Law enforcement must be carried out actively. Players need to see the results, or they will find it unworthy to report it. This means sending someone to see if there are RMT or Rover reports.

    If players report that RMT says they are standing in the middle of the city and shouting advertisements, they should never see the same character again in 3-8 hours. The possibility of players reporting RMT next time will be greatly reduced, because they will feel that se has not done anything, so why bother.

    When players report a group of robots, they shouldn't see them plowing unimpeded after two months. They won't disturb the report next time.

    When she finally got out of the dilemma, it had caused damage, made profits and encouraged the industry to continue to develop.